Unit 1 Review (10,000 B.C.E. - 600 B.C.E.)

Study Guides

Key_Concept_1.docx Key_Concept_1.docx
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Early_Civilizations_Review.docx Early_Civilizations_Review.docx
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Unit_1_COMP_Essay.docx Unit_1_COMP_Essay.docx
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APWH Review Packet 1 8000-600.doc APWH Review Packet 1 8000-600.doc
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Unit 1 Overview GO.docx Unit 1 Overview GO.docx
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The presentation is an item analysis from a mid term exam I had given in the
past.  View it to get an idea of how to read multiple choice questions, as well
as a review of Units 1 and 2

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Review Videos

The clips below are from the documentary "The Story of India".  They will give you a good understanding of how humans developed the world's first civilization, and how with the development of agriculture came more complex societies.