Essay Writing 

In order to pass the AP Exam, you must be able to write three distinct type of esasys: A Document Based Question (DBQ), a Change and Continuity Over Time (CCOT) and a Comparison essay (COMP).  Each essay tests a specific set of historical thinking skills, and it is important that you master all three types of essays if you want to pass the AP Exam.  This section of the website will provide you with resources on how to write each of these types of essays.

General Writing Tips

Intro To Essays.docx Intro To Essays.docx
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whap.prompts.02-10.doc whap.prompts.02-10.doc
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Paragraph_Organizer.pdf Paragraph_Organizer.pdf
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CreatingThe Thesis.doc CreatingThe Thesis.doc
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ThesisPresent.ppt ThesisPresent.ppt
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The DBQ Essay

DBQ Rubric.docx DBQ Rubric.docx
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Guided DBQ Analysis.pdf Guided DBQ Analysis.pdf
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DBQTips.doc DBQTips.doc
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Annotated CCOT Rubric 2007.pdf Annotated CCOT Rubric 2007.pdf
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Apdx_13_DBQ_2005_Annotated_Rubric.pdf Apdx_13_DBQ_2005_Annotated_Rubric.pdf
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The CCOT Essay

COT Rubric.docx COT Rubric.docx
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CCOT.doc CCOT.doc
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COT Strategies.pdf COT Strategies.pdf
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COT Organizer.docx COT Organizer.docx
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The COMP Essay

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Comparative Organizer.doc Comparative Organizer.doc
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Comparison_Essay_Prep.docx Comparison_Essay_Prep.docx
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